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Quantum Kambo Completion

Bringing your medicine work full circle.
If you are reading this you have likely had the opportunity to sit with one of the amazing plant or frog medicines that have been gifted to us from Pachamama.

You may have gained new insights, feel lighter and freer and are eager to make use of your experience by propelling yourself forward in life.

You’ve opened the door to your next level, and now it’s time to bring that experience full circle.
Most of all, we understand you want to hold that HIGH VIBE you are feeling – the feeling that is aligned with who you truly are- a spiritual being made of love and light.
We want you to continue cultivating and embodying that feeling too!

We’d like to welcome you with open hearts to bring your medicine journey full circle, and join our integration process and community.

Our integration program – Quantum Kambo Completion- is a go at your own pace integration program, filled with tools, exercises and community-based support as you integrate your medicine journeys into your daily life experience.

When you sign up for the program, you receive 4 modules, 4 weekly, 1 hour group coaching calls, and 2, 1 hour, One-on-One coaching calls.

The 4 modules of the program help walk you through info and exercises to more fully embody the energy and insights you received in your ceremonies. Each module consists of a write-up, Quantum Care Tips, and action-based integration exercises.

This is your next step in bringing your medicine experiences to life within your everyday life. It’s time for you to bring the magic and the miracles of the medicine into your reality.

For more information or to sign up, send a message to
We look forward to working with you!

The Ceremony of Life

Module 1

The Ceremony of Life

In this module we go over how to incorporate your medicine ceremony experiences into your day to day life as seamlessly and consistently as possible. You are strongly encouraged and coached to set up a daily practice to ensure stability and a more smooth experience to your integration process. There is a variety of 8 different daily exercises to help you create your daily practice, as well as an opportunity to create your own custom practice.

The Castle

Module 2

The Castle

In this module we dive into the world of the inner child. A lot of the work done in your intention setting ceremonies is to help connect with and heal the wounds of the inner child within you. The work done in this module helps you to start showing up more consistently as the healed version of you who is much less triggered by things that happen in life. By connecting on a regular basis with your inner child, you are meeting and fulfilling your previously unmet needs, and feel more healed, whole and complete.
The Mirror

Module 3

The Mirror

In this module we explore your outer world as a reflection of your inner world. A big part of standing in your power is taking full responsibility for everything you are currently experiencing in your life. The good news is that when you stand in your power, you have the power to shift anything in your outer world, by shifting your beliefs and energy in your inner world. Understanding how the mirror works, and using it to your advantage, helps you to create the life you desire, fearlessly.
More Than a Feeling

Module 4

More Than a Feeling

After creating a consistent daily practice, connecting with and healing our inner child with unconditional love, and using our outer world to see what we can shift in our inner world to experience life better than ever before, this module opens up the world of energy work to create quantum leaps in your life- to “leap-frog timelines.” We discuss what it means and how to shift timelines, and how to manifest miracles in your life after experiencing the miracle of the medicine. This module both wraps up the course and expands your ability to create infinite opportunities and possibilities going forward.